Over mijzelf en mijn interesses

I can’t get over this. I blink my eyes, and the scenery has changed. The sun has set, and the highway is dark. The headlights of oncoming traffic jolt me to consciousness. I need to pull over and sleep. I find a rest stop and get out and stretch. I text Marie that I’m going to sleep and that I miss her. I lean the seat back and drag out my small travel blanket. I try to relax, but that just ain’t happening right now.

I see Marie and I standing in front of a backdrop, posing for our wedding photos. We are happy. She is glowing, so beautiful. We are surrounded by so many members of our family and friends. They are all happy for us. No one seems concerned at all. We hear the words “As long as you both are happy” over and again from seemingly everyone.

A truck air horn jolts me awake. That was as much rest as I have had in days. What a wonderful thought, that our families would just be happy for us. If only that could be true. I get out and stretch, when I see what looks like a raven land on a tree close by. Why that makes me think of the research paper I did on Edgar Allen Poe in high school I don’t know, but now, I can only think of one thing; Poe married his cousin. His first cousin. And what had the teacher said about that? A number of famous people had done the same thing. Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, plenty of Kings and Queens back in the day, even Jerry Lee Lewis. Could we really? I mean, I don’t know if we would ever actually get married, but could we stay together? How weird would that be? But being with her, not even considering the sex, just being with her, it feels so good.

I shot Marie a message and got back on the road. I would be back in Philly tonight. Instead of going straight to the dorms, I was heading to Marie’s place. My cousin’s place. I knew this was a conversation we had to have right away. And she had news for me. No need to put things off any longer than necessary. I flipped the radio on and sang loudly and off-key to every song that came on. The drive seems to fly by so much faster this way. Before I know it, I am parking in front of her apartment building. Knocking on her door.


“Chris!” She screams and flings herself into my arms. I hold her tight. I can smell her shampoo. Her hair is damp. She must have just gotten out of the shower. Suddenly the vision of her naked, dripping wet, water cascading down her tight body, causing her nipples to harden filled my mind. My cock strains my pants. Marie grabs my hand and drags me to her bedroom. She closes the door behind her.

“You’ve been keeping a secret from me.” She states, sauntering up to me slowly, seductively. “Naughty boy.” She pushes me down on the bed and straddles my hips. Her skirt rides up and she is wearing my favorite pair of tiny G-string panties. As she talks, her hips grind into my hardening dick. “You thought I wouldn’t find out? Tsk tsk. We’re family, silly boy. There are no secrets between family.”

I can feel my eyes burst out of their sockets. She knows? Not only does she know, she seems, well, turned on by the fact. “I… I didn’t know how to tell you. Or how to… even bring it up.” I stammer and stumble through the words. She continues to grind her pussy into my cock, firmer and faster now.

“Well, I know. And you know what?” She leans in and whispers in my ear, “it turns me on knowing.” She leans down and kisses my neck.

“It…it does?” This is not what I was expecting. My head swims.

Marie whispers in my ear “Mmhmm. Thinking about it now is making my little pussy all wet and tingly. I can feel your hard cock baby. Are you ready to do it again?” She sits up and pulls her top off, revealing her tan breasts and hard, protruding nipples. She kisses me hard and I close my eyes and kiss her back. The heat emanating from every part of her body melts away my apprehension. I pull her close and grab her tight little ass in my hands as we continue devour each other. Marie stands up and starts tugging at my pants. She expertly works them off and quickly we are both naked. She starts talking dirty as she pushes me back on the bed.

“We’re going to start with you eating my wet pussy.” She giggles as she straddles my face and lowers her swollen labia to my mouth. I stick my tongue out and lick them as soon as they are within reach. Her pussy is so very wet. I drag my tongue between her lips again. “Oh, my pussy has missed you.” she arches her back and I feel her wetness all over my face. Marie shudders lightly. She braces herself and leans back, grinding her pussy on my lips, rocking back and forth firmly.

“So dirty, so bad, feels so good.” The word drawn out and ended in a moan. “You like putting on a show baby?” She leans forward now and begins to lick my cock from tip to base, all the while gently stroking it. I re-adjust my grip on her hips to attack her pussy again, spreading her cheeks wide, and in doing so I catch a glimpse of movement at the doorway. Sure enough, there is Susan, clad in just her robe and plain white panties. Her robe is fully untied, and she is slowly rubbing herself over the thin panties. She smiles, blows me a little kiss, and winks. I feel my body stiffen at the sight. Marie senses this and looks up.

“Mmm yeah. That’s what you like baby? Rub that pussy for me. You like being watched too? Show me how wet you are watching this cock. You want her to see me suck this huge dick? It looks so good standing up there, all thick and throbbing.” She leans forward and licks along my shaft. “Mm yeah. Such a good cock. Shall I suck it for you?” Marie lets her lips slowly slide down the shaft, taking it in her talented mouth. I feel her bob her head a few times. I bury my tongue deeper in her pussy. She squeals.

“Oh yes. Do you want her to see it sliding into my wet cunt? Is that what we should do baby, let her watch us fuck? Does that turn you on baby? She’s over there rubbing her pussy, seeing us naked, watching us sucking, licking, fucking?” Marie cooed.

She pulls herself up slides her body down mine, her pussy leaving a streak of warm fluid along my torso. No teasing now, within a second was riding my hard cock reverse cowgirl style. I grab her hips and watch her ass as it bounces on my cock. Susan now has the view of Marie’s pussy swallowing my cock. Marie leans back, bracing her arms on either side of me. She has her legs spread wide. Susan’s eyes stare right at her sister’s pussy, at my cock as Marie fucks me faster and faster. I watch Susan’s hand disappear into her panties now, and she frigs her clit rapidly. This seems to spur Marie on as her exclamations get louder and more breath-y.

“That’s it. Rub that pussy. Doesn’t his cock look delicious in my little cunt? Mmm, it feels so fantastic. So big. So thick. I’m going to cum all over him. Are you ready to cum too?” True to her word, Marie’s body stiffens, and she cries out. Her Kegel muscles grip my cock like a vise as she spasms. Susan’s robe falls to the floor as she pinches her nipple harder and rubs her pussy. I can tell she is now pumping her fingers in and out of her cunt. I can see her panties are visibly wet, even from this distance. She cries out and cums as well, dropping to her knees on the floor, panting heavily.

I can’t help it. I grab Marie’s hips and slam her down on my cock a couple more times and then I cum hard, seemingly endless spurts of semen erupt from my rod. I pull her down harder, and Marie grinds her pussy on my cock, rubbing her clit furiously now. I feel her pussy cum again. She collapses to the bed, curling up in a ball facing her sister.

I am the first one to find my voice. “That was… intense”

Susan smiles and leans back against the door frame. Marie reaches between her legs and pulls up a wet, goo-covered finger. She lazily licks it clean.

“And delicious.” Is her reply. Susan giggles softly. Susan giggles and pulls her hands out of her panties and tastes her own pussy as well.

As the fog of sex clear my head. I get overwhelmed by a thought. I just fucked my cousin. I have to say something. I have to ask.

“So, I guess you’re both okay with everything? It doesn’t make this… weird or wrong?”

Marie lifts her head and catches my gaze. “We’re all adults. No one else needs to know. It didn’t seem like you minded at all.” She slides up and lays her head on my chest. “I mean, we won’t always have to do it like this. Sometimes things will be just… normal.”

Normal? What part of this will ever be normal? The sinking feeling in my stomach from the past few days returns. I sit up against the headboard and look at both girls. “What do you mean, normal? What are you talking about?”

Marie sits up and give me a puzzled look. “Well, obviously my sister won’t be watching us every time we have sex. It’s just a fun little bonus to spice things up sometimes. You seemed really into it.”

I close my eyes. This cannot be happening. I pull the sheet up over myself and look Marie in the eyes.

“You were, weren’t you?” She asks quietly. “Susan and I got a little tipsy during Christmas and she told me she had watched us in bed right before you left. She said you had seen her playing with herself as we were going at it.”

I glance over and Susan, who nods lightly. Marie continues, “I was mad at first, but the more I thought about someone watching us, the more it turned me on. And since she had already seen us, it didn’t seem too bad for her to get to watch again.” Her eyes were sad and almost hurt. “I’m sorry. I thought it would be a sexy surprise for you.”

Holy crap. That was the big secret she thought I was keeping. I look over at Susan, who has a blank expression on her face as she tied her robe tightly around her waist. She doesn’t know the terrible truth. And I just fucked my cousin. I knew the truth, she didn’t, and I had sex with her anyway.

“I… I don’t know how to say this. That… wasn’t what I wanted to talk about.” I stand and grab my clothes. “I need some water and then we need to talk, all of us.” I walk into the bathroom and dress, then wash my face in the sink. I look in the mirror and take a couple of deep breaths. As I head into the living room, both sisters are clothed and sitting on the couch. I grab a bottle of water and sit on the floor facing them. I take a long slow drink, steadying my nerves for the most difficult moment of my life.

“Chris I’m really scared. Please tell me what is going on.” Marie pleads, tears welling up in her eyes.

“I’m trying.” I take one more deep breath. “There’s no easy way to bring this up. So here we go. I spent a lot of time over the holidays with family. I learned that my Aunt and Uncle live in Boston.” Marie’s eyes don’t seem to register what I am saying. “They have two daughters that live in Philadelphia.” Still nothing. “One attends Villanova.” Her brow wrinkles a bit. “The other goes to Penn. My Uncle Steve and Aunt Louise.”

Bingo. Marie’s eyes widen and her hands covers her mouth. I glance over at Susan, who looks… well, normal. No shock or surprise on her face at all. She must have a good poker face.

“It hit me hard when I realized. I didn’t want it to be true. I called my Uncle John. He is in the Army and just got transferred to Fort Dix.” Marie’s eyes widen further and start to water, confirmation of what she is thinking setting in, “He invited me to dinner on Sundays. And told me to get in touch with my cousins who went to school near me. He sent me a picture of them. A picture of my cousins. A picture of you two.” Marie buries her head between her knees and sobs. Susan puts an arm around her sister but looks oddly calm about the whole situation. I pulled out my phone and pulled up the picture of Marie and Susan, wine glasses in hand, in front of the Christmas tree with their brothers. Marie looks up, sees the image, and drops her head back down and starts sobbing again. Susan’s face still registers nothing. Something is off with her; I can sense it.

“I am so sorry Marie. I got here and you started talking about something I hadn’t told you, something you found out anyway and didn’t mind. I was pretty torn inside, but you kept pressing me, telling me you were into it, and I stopped thinking straight. I’m so sorry.” I want so bad to comfort her. To hold her tight and make the hurt go away. I love her. I really do. It is killing me to see her hurting. But it doesn’t seem like a good move. I don’t want to touch her and have her react negatively. I don’t want to hurt her any more than she is hurting already.

We sit in silence for what feels like hours, the void only broken by Marie’s soft sobbing. She finally pulls her face up and wipes her eyes. Marie looks up at her sister, and Susan pulls her in close and hugs her tightly. Susan’s face still seems too normal. She is playing the consoling sibling well. But she is part of this too. She should be showing the same shock and disgust. And yet, she seems unaffected.

I decide to leave quietly. Marie would be taken care of, and all I was going to do was make things worse by hanging around. I grab my keys and phone and get to the door when I hear Marie finally speak.

“Don’t go. I need you here.” She begs, her red eyes pleading with me from the couch.

“I don’t want to hurt you anymore than I already have. I think it’d be best if I go.” I start to pull my jacket on.

“Please,” she begs, “I need you.” More tears.

I stand there frozen. My mind is telling me to go. My heart wants to stay, to run over to her and hold her tight. “If you’re sure you want me to stay, I will.” I say softly and walk back to the living room. Marie stands and puts her arms out to me. I grab her and hold her close. Her body melts into mine. I kiss the top of her head and whisper “I love you. I wanted to tell you that before I found all this out. I just don’t know what else to do right now.”

“Me neither. But I don’t want to be alone.” She says softly, tears soaking my shirt.

“Susan is here too, you won’t be alone” I say, stroking her hair softly

“I don’t want you to go. I need both of you.” Marie cries again softly into my chest.

I look over at her sister, still sitting on the couch, watching us curiously. Her expression is still very neutral. It is driving me crazy. I have to say something. “I need to apologize to you too, Susan. You got dragged into this.” She continues with the neutral expression and shakes her head lightly.

I continue to stand there holding Marie, but now thinking about Susan. She confessed to watching us that night. But did she tell Marie everything? Did she tell her about the morning blowjobs? I doubted she had. She was keeping a secret from her sister. I wonder what else she was not telling. She had hardly reacted at all when I told Marie. I mean, she wasn’t involved directly, but she had sucked my cock, she had watched us fuck. Did she know already? Is that why she didn’t seem shocked? I look her in the eyes again and the lightbulb clicks on in my head. She knew!

I look at her again and raise an eyebrow. Susan stares at me blankly and shrugs. I steer Marie back to the couch and sit her in my lap, arms never releasing their hold. Marie looks up at me and sighs. I look over at her sister. Marie follows my gaze. I have got to find out. It is now or never.

“Susan did you… did you know?” I ask. Marie whips her head around to face her sister. Susan’s face is shocked now. Her eyes give her away. She looks back and forth between us and sighs loudly.

“Not right away. I figured it out over Thanksgiving.” Susan speaks slowly, pausing between words.

“You knew!” Marie exclaims loudly. “How could you have not told me? You knew how I felt about him!” Her voice becomes almost a scream. She starts to jump up out of my lap. I tighten my grip around her to calm her. She is shaking now. Marie starts crying all over again, harder than ever. Susan’s head slumps down with tears as she begins to speak again, refusing to look back up.

“You were watching football with Ronnie, Darrell and the guys. I was in the kitchen helping mom with the dishes and leftovers. She asked if we had run into Aunt Beverly’s son there in Philadelphia. She said she thought it was Chris but could be the older boy Dave who was going to school up here. Mom said it was hard these days keeping everyone’s families straight. She texted Bev and found out that it was Chris and he was at Temple. She said we should look up and find Chris Williams and see if he wanted to hang out sometime. It really didn’t register right away. I couldn’t remember your last name at the time, so I didn’t even consider that it was you.”

“Later I looked up Aunt Bev’s Facebook page and there you were, plain as day.” She stops and takes a deep breath. “I didn’t know what to say. You two had gotten pretty serious, I could tell. Marie never shut up about you around me, and she was telling everyone in the family about this great guy she had met.” She finally looks up at Marie again, “I didn’t want to be the one to break your heart sis. I guess I hoped you’d figure it out soon enough, kind of like I had.”

Marie looks at me with desperate eyes. “This can’t be happening. It just can’t.”


I stroked her hair as I tried to soothe her “I know baby. I found out just a few days ago, right before I had to leave. I have been struggling with how and when to tell you ever since.”

Marie says she wants to go lie down for a while. Susan and I help her to her feet and walk her down the hallway. Susan goes to her own room, and I guide Marie to the bed. The room still has that post-sex odor, a now stale mix of pheromones and sweat. Oblivious to our presence, she strips down and changes into a short gown, then crawls into bed. I sit on the edge of the bed beside her, not knowing exactly what to do. I don’t want to leave, but it also feels awkward staying in my cousin’s bedroom now, sitting on the bed where we just had sex. I put my hand on her back and pat her softly. She turns and gazes at me with those enticing eyes. “Stay with me Chris, I need to you hold me,” she pleads.

I can’t refuse her, even now. I ease into the bed and she slides up beside me. She rolls onto her side and we end up spooning. He body seems to fit perfectly up against mine. So warm and comfortable. I drape an arm around her waist. She grabs my hand and squeezes it tightly. She presses it against her bosom, not in a sexual way, but as if she was holding on for dear life. We lay there in silence. In short order, I hear her breathing get shallow and light. She is asleep.

The next thing I know, I am waking up too. Marie is still wedged up tightly against me, her hands together, pressed in between her firm breasts. Her butt is taut against my crotch. As I gather the rest of my surroundings, I realize my dick is halfway hard, and that the firm, soft ass pressing on it feels really, really good. This shouldn’t be a sexual situation, but her body feels so good up against me. My cock flexes, and now I notice he is pointing down at an awkward angle. I want to adjust him, and I feel Marie stirring lightly. I freeze. I don’t want her to wake up to me poking her ass with a hard dick. Not now. Not today. Not after everything that had just happened.

I back my hips away from her and gently rearrange things down below with one hand – Not an easy task, I tell you. My cock now points straight up and out in a much more natural position. I feel her wiggle her hips and press herself back against me. Of course, my dick now slides right along the valley between her round butt cheeks. Marie sighs and squeezes my hand tightly. I want to back away again, but I don’t want to wake her. I want my growing erection to subside, but I didn’t see how that would happen with her perfect ass snuggling it the way it was.

I start going over the evening in my mind. For some reason, I think again of Susan’s subdued reaction to the news. She knew. Damn her, she knew and did not say anything. I wished she would have said something, dropped a hint, done anything at all. Then I recall the night before I went back to Texas. She had done something, alright. She had watched us. She had watched us fucking, knowing full well we were related. She let her sister fuck her cousin; she let a cousin fuck her sister – all while she watched. Not only did she watch, she was playing with pussy and getting herself off to the sight. Was it just the sex, or was she turned on by the fact we were related? Was she turned on by incest? By her sister? By me? Not to mention she had never told her sister about sucking my dick. She and I needed to have another conversation.