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    Ik heb veel how-to’s in pdf in het Engels ontvangen en deze niet vertaald omdat dit anders erg veel tijd zou gaan kosten. Mocht je er niet aan uitkomen, mag je me pm’en. De meeste van deze how-to’s heb ik zelf ook al eens uitgeprobeerd.
    Met de MK4 wordt de Astra G bedoeld.

    Step 1
    Remove the ashtray from the centre console. If you can’t do that please stop reading now and pay
    someone to do the next steps.

    The ashtray comes apart really easily as long as you follow the steps in order, do not get frustrated and force anything or it will break.

    Locate the gear which controls the speed of the ashtray as it flicks open.

    To remove the gear insert a small screwdriver in
    the hole near the catch and lever upwards, it comes
    out quite easily.

    If your ashtray is sticking whilst opening remove this gear and see how it performs without it. It will fly open very rapidly, but you can listen for any scraping etc as it opens, which indicates the problem lies elsewhere it the ashtray.

    Step 2
    You now need to remove the catch which holds the ashtray shut.

    There is a central clip on it, I’ve inserted the thin screwdriver to highlight where it is, hold this up whilst allowing the ashtray to open, when fully open you can push the catch further upwards and then remove it.

    Step 3
    Now you can remove the tray itself without bits flying off all over the car.

    Insert the medium screwdriver between the surround and the tray
    as in photo. You must keep the top of
    the tray closed, and you need to get
    the bottom to detach whilst the top stays in place, it’s really easy

    Start on the cigar lighter side and separate the tray and surround from this side – there is a pivot point inside which you need to loosen off.

    When you’ve got that side loose do the same with the other but as it
    comes loose cover the spring with your finger – don’t forget to keep the top in place, swing the bottom part out. The spring isn’t that strong and won’t hurt you.

    Step 4
    Now you should have the ashtray
    loose at the bottom but still connected at the top, like this.

    To remove this, all you need to do is pull out one side and detach the peg which is located in the inner ashtray runner: again this is very easy.

    Once one side is loose the other will come off without any bother.

    Step 5
    If you want you can remove the light shutter from the inner part of the
    outer frame.

    All this does is block light from the cigar lighter bulb until the ashtray opens when it allows light to flow down the ashtray light bar.

    I’ve highlighted this because sometimes it just falls out and at least you’ll know where it goes back.

    Step 6
    To remove the inner ashtray from flap insert a screwdriver like in the
    photo – keep pressure on the flap whilst sliding the inner ashtray outwards.

    You need to get the tray to slide over the 2 clamps highlighted. It will then just slide off.

    A lot of troubles with ashtrays sticking can be traced to these 2 pieces – they must slide together very freely.

    Lubricate the sliding surfaces with Vaseline or similar and check operation when the 2 pieces are reassembled.

    Step 7
    By now the ashtray should be almost fully dismantled. You can remove the inner tray from the inner ashtray if you want to clean it. It also helps if it’s removed whilst assembling as the view is clearer and it can be reinserted when the ashtray is fully assembled.


    1. Catch
    2. Speed gear
    3. Light shutter
    4. Spring
    5. Inner tray
    6. Flap
    7. Inner Ashtray
    8. Frame

    Step 8
    Now’s the time to lubricate all the moving parts: the easier they move the better the ashtray will operate.

    To reassemble

    1. First assemble the Inner Ashtray to the flap, it just slides in place.

    2. Reattach the light shutter if removed.

    3. Keep the inner ashtray in the fully up position and locate onto one of the pegs on the frame, pull the frame outward slightly to locate the second peg.

    4. The inner ashtray and flap are now swinging on the pegs. Keep the top edge firmly against top of
    the frame so the bottom sticks out.

    5. Put the spring into place as shown in the photo.

    Swing the inner ashtray downwards whilst still keeping the top edge against the frame, and take the hooked end of the spring and swing it into the frame whilst you swing the inner ashtray down.

    Ideally get the hooked end of the spring to protrude through the square hole in the back of the frame,

    Spread the frame slightly in order to get the pivot points located, one at a time – best to do the spring end first but doesn’t really matter.

    6. Mount the catch, keeping slight pressure on it so it tries to follow the guide slot. Open and shut the ashtray and the catch should just self locate.

    7. Press the speed gear back into place. If your ashtray is still very slow in opening and you don’t think anything is catching you can dismantle the speed gear by pressing a really thin screwdriver between the housing and the gear plate

    Inside it will be full of heavy oil, try thinning it out with a little WD40 and see how easy the gear moves after. Be aware though that if you remove the oil completely and substitute even heavy oil like gearbox oil the tray will still flick open very fast. As yet I haven’t found anything like VX used.

    Once you’ve taken the ashtray apart a few times, you’ll wonder how it caused so many problems in the past. Don’t force anything and have patience.

    Bron: http://www.astra-sport.co.uk/

    Max Meerdink
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    7 November 2020

    Heb je toevallig nog ergens deze foto’s? :)

    Opel Astra 2.2 G Cabrio

2 berichten aan het bekijken - 1 tot 2 (van in totaal 2)
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